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System management

Discussed personally
Working place:
Shaanxi | Xi'an | Yanta District- -
Affiliate department:
Quality department
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
3-5 years
Education background:
Senior high school
Release time:
Post description:
Job responsibilities:
(1)To be responsible for the formulation of quality management work plans and summaries,and to assist leaders in conducting internal and annual external audits.
(2)Be responsible for assisting department leaders in organizing and implementing system document learning and training.
(3)Responsible for assisting department leaders in revising quality management system documents.
(4)Responsible for real-time monitoring of the effectiveness of departmental system operation.
(5)Be responsible for the statistics,analysis and feedback of the data related to the operation of the departmental quality management system.
(6)Be responsible for tracking and verifying the unqualified items.
(1)Bachelor degree or above;
(2)At least three years'experience in technical standards of medical industry,familiar with quality control standards of production site;
(3)Familiar with technical standard system;
(4)Understanding the relevant knowledge of standardized management of medical device quality;
(5)Good communication skills and strong sense of responsibility.