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Supervisor of Production Department

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Working place:
Shaanxi | Xi'an | Yanta District- -
Affiliate department:
Production department
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Years of working:
3-5 years
Education background:
Senior high school
Release time:
Post description:
Job responsibilities:
(1)Providing technical support to production,including:optimizing process parameters,making rational use of labor force,and achieving maximum output and profit at minimum cost.
(2)To formulate and improve the standard operating procedures,technical specifications of product materials,process parameters and operation instructions for the whole process from raw materials to finished products.
(3)According to the quality requirements,continuously improve until the best process flow,to provide the best process and parameters for the maximum output.
(4)Responsible for making equipment operation meet the requirements of process manufacturing.
(5)Predict and analyze the defects and problems in the production process,and adjust the process when necessary.
(6)To abide by the company's safety policies,strategies and relevant work norms and ensure the safety and integrity of the company's property(information,technology and products).If any violation is found,it should be reported to the superior in time.
(7)Responsible for production and operation.
(8)Establish and manage the production team according to the company's relevant norms and standards,and provide high-quality products at the minimum cost within the prescribed time according to the requirements of customers.
(9)Analyse and eliminate all factors that lead to waste products,high costs and reduced labor productivity.
(10)Develop and continuously improve new indicators or methods to improve manufacturing visibility.
(11)Participate in various work to optimize manufacturing control links and improve productivity.
(1)Age:over 28 years old.
(2)Bachelor degree or above.
(3)At least 3 years of relevant working experience.
(4)Good communication,training and analysis skills,patience and perseverance.