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Working place:
Shaanxi | Xi'an | Yanta District- -
Affiliate department:
Finance dept
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
3-5 years
Education background:
Senior high school
Release time:
Post description:
Job responsibilities:
(1)To manage the bank accounts of the company,responsible for the registration of opening accounts,the cancellation of accounts and the management of bank cards.Responsible for general business contacts with banks.
(2)Be responsible for bank settlement business and check all kinds of bank accounts on time and accurately.
(3)Purchase,keep and deposit cheques,cash and bills in accordance with regulations,and make timely inventory and registration to ensure that the accounts and certificates are in conformity.
(4)To keep abreast of the company's capital situation in a timely manner,ensure the accuracy and safety of capital receipt and payment,and strictly prohibit the issuance of empty checks.
(5)To be responsible for reimbursement of cash expenses approved in accordance with relevant provisions.We should carefully examine the original vouchers of various reimbursements or expenditures,and refuse to go through reimbursement procedures for those who violate state regulations or have errors.
(6)To collate,bind and keep accounting vouchers.
(7)Check cash and bank journals in a timely manner to ensure that the accounts are in line with the facts.
(8)Control the cash limit of stock,manage the cash in stock,seal and invoice receipt,and keep the key of safe to ensure that everything is safe.
(9)Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.
(1)Age:25 years old or above.
(2)College degree or above.
(3)Major in Computerized Accounting and related working experience for more than 3 years.
(4)Work conscientiously,carefully and in charge.