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Welcome to Xi’an Good Doctor Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

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+86 29 82681864 

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Service Hotline:
+86 29 82681864
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8:00 - 24:00

Tel: +86 29 82681864   +86 15002902555 Fax: +86 29 82681864


Add: Building 1, Huoju Road, East zone of Xi’an High-tech Development District, Xi'an, China



Investment Cooperation


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Respect customers,understand customers and facilitate customers
Establish cooperation with quality to make customers worry-free,serve customers wholeheartedly and win trust with good faith


Provide Global

Market Services


"24-hour" Telephone Technical

Support Service

On-site service within 48 72 hours

Service Concept


Deal with your technical support and needs and complaint calls in a timely manner


Listen to your opinions and

suggestions on products and

Feedback to relevant

departments and personnel


Unscheduled voluntary return visits

Keep abreast of product usage

And give technical guidance


After-sales service telephone

+86 29 82681864

+86 15002902555

Our engineers will be eager to listen

to your advice and answer your questions