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Strengthen the psychological reconstruction of enterprise employees and shape the "interesting soul" of team management

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(correspondent:wang yanling)the"heart"of employees is the soul of the enterprise.Healthy,happy and efficient employees are the most valuable wealth of the enterprise.At present,the rapid pace of social work,life pressure,help employees to solve mental illness,maintain mental health,has become an important subject facing enterprise managers.
November 10,in order to help enterprise employees learn to"dance with emotions"after work,learn to maintain a good attitude to deal with work,life and interpersonal relations.Xi'an haobo medical technology co.,LTD invited the principal consultant and supervisor of xi'an onghe psychological consulting studio,Mr.Bai rufen,to conduct the enterprise EAP group training with the theme of"workplace communication'heart'art".
Good Doctor
Everyone started the day in"curiosity"
"Understanding is the most lovely thing between people,understanding is the most precious thing,and misunderstanding is the most pathetic thing."since ancient times,communication has been the foundation of human collective activities.Miss bai started the group training with a pleasant and relaxed interactive game.
Good Doctor
Employees need to find their place in the organization
You see,in the interactive game of"Shouting Numbers and holding groups",people get one step closer to each other in the fierce"tug-saw"battle in order to complete the required number of personnel groups.When teacher bai conducted post-game analysis for everyone,the employees understood that this game not only allowed them to release themselves and enhance the friendship among colleagues,but more importantly,it made them understand how to find their own position in the organization and the importance of being"needed"at work.
Good Doctor
Your attitude determines the effectiveness of your communication
In work and life,when we have one-to-one communication,the state of receiving information directly affects the mood of the information sender.In the"role-attitude exchange game",teacher bai demonstrated the different communication contents,so that everyone could feel the different results achieved by"smooth"and"obstacle"in person.We have learned that when communicating,the proportion of influencing factors should be allocated according to"posture language accounts for 55%,intonation accounts for 38%,and language content accounts for 7%".
Good Doctor
Good Doctor
"Land mine"game let everyone from laughter into meditation
In addition to the pleasant learning atmosphere of interactive games,the"thinking"behind the"empathy"is deeply rooted in the heart.A team has leaders and subordinates,when a project in the process of implementation,the chain reaction between cause and effect,may appear,people see is not necessarily true.Because everyone behind the need to silently"shoulder their own responsibilities".
Let's listen to employees'feelings after participating in the game of"stepping on land mines":"when I see the team leader silently insist on finishing more than 130 consecutive corporal punishment push-ups due to the failure of the team,my heart is heavy and guilty.An enterprise carries the grand goal of development and growth,and plans the future for the career and living standard of all employees.Only when we are in the same boat and are closely bound together,can we experience storms and talk about the future together.Because'happiness is a struggle!'"
Good Doctor
Finger play allows more time for changes
If an enterprise wants to remain invincible in the fierce competition,it must always keep moving forward with the changes of the market.As the core of the enterprise,employees should always keep a positive and continuous learning attitude,unify their thoughts and behaviors with the interests of the enterprise,keep up with the pace of enterprise development,make concerted efforts,and step up to a higher level together.
Teacher bai told us that the actual ability level of employees depends on the"salary"to measure.Only when you show"self-worth"at work will the company reward you accordingly.Change is"awkward"because habits build up over time.But as long as you give a little more time,grasp the"fit the law",seek common ground while reserving differences,growth will always have a flowering moment.
Good Doctor
After the group training,we share our experience
Time always flies by in a veil of mystery,and the day's lesson is drawing to a close before everyone is done with it.In a word,we see"wisdom"and"hope".You see,the speech Shared by our excellent doctor team:"be grateful for the encounter in life and cherish the present moment in life."","respect,responsibility,execution,sincerity","today,I have re-recognized our team,see my position in the team and the responsibility to undertake.","the game,let me see some leadership efforts and poor words."","hard work,self-improvement,adhere to the faith","quickly and accurately complete the division of responsibilities is the basis.","mistakes always need to be paid for,no matter the leader or the staff,have the courage to take responsibility,the team needs to constantly reflect and make progress together."And"in communication,the one who apologizes is stronger inside."","miss bai is my idol.I will benefit a lot from the communication skills I have learned in work,family and parent-child relationship.","the boss is the locomotive,taking us to be better ourselves,urging us to achieve self-value maximization,find self-social value,for the society and for small families to create wealth.","as a new employee,I am very happy to join the team.I am willing to live up to the expectations of the company,and make persistent efforts to make the project a success.......
Everything in the future starts from the"heart",a good doctor will develop better and better because of the"heart"of the elite team!
Good Doctor
Miss bai rufen gave a wonderful lecture
The group training,through the rich white teacher professional theory knowledge,humorous teaching style,and field in the form of interaction,make people awareness of the importance of mental health,and inspire and guide the various pressures encountered in the right attitude towards work and their own trouble and confusion,learn to properly control their emotions,optimistic,positive,healthy state of mind to enjoy a happy life.
Good Doctor
The group training drew a successful conclusion
Xi'an good medical technology co.,LTD.Leadership,said Dr In the future will continue to focus on the psychological health problems of employees,continue to conduct mental health team training activities,and other series to promote team training course of growing up,good,healthy,relaxed working atmosphere,to create good team"soul",Dr Make"excellent"every employee"label".
After the lecture,learning staff have said to put this to use,and in the later work and life,strengthen the attention to mental health problems,the right attitude towards stress,actively adjust the pressure,use the scientific method to psychological counseling,eliminate stress in work and life,feeling of boredom,loss,improve psychological self adjustment ability,sets up the positive and optimistic upward healthy mentality,make contributions to the development of the company!
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