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Animal experiment

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Objective:to explore the effects of Coelom continuous Circulatory Hyperthermia Perfusion(CCCHP)on vital signs and abdominal organs of experimental animals at different temperatures,in order to find out the optimal temperature for treatment and effective ways of temperature control.
Application methods:selection of experimental animals,dogs do body cavity heat circulation perfusion chemotherapy machine CCCHP animal model was established,with 41℃(divided into pure saline group and cisplatin group),42℃(saline group)and 43℃(saline group)abdominal cavity temperature on each group of animals CCCHP3(clinical treatment for a period of treatment),every time 1 h,2 d.Record the dog's vital signs,thermometer readings and panel data of the heat irrigation machine.Peripheral blood was drawn before each CCCHP and 24h after each CCCHP.Two dogs in each group were sacrificed 24h and 2 weeks after CCCHP3,respectively,to observe the morphological changes of internal organs,and liver,kidney and other organs were cut for pathological examination.
Results:41℃abdominal cavity temperature CCCHP 3 times on the dog's vital signs and does not affect kidney function,liver,kidney,spleen and intestine tissue damage slightly;41℃temperature combined cisplatin abdominal cavity 3 times CCCHP also not obvious influence on the normal physiological function of dogs;42℃and 43℃temperature line 3 times CCCHP abdominal cavity after all on the dog's vital signs and liver and kidney function with varying degrees of impact,liver,kidney,spleen and intestine of organizations all have different degrees of damage.
Conclusion:41℃abdominal cavity temperature CCCHP three times,each time 1.0 h is safe and feasible,and can be a relatively safe CCCHP chemotherapy treatment temperature;42℃under the same conditions can cause mild to canine abdominal important viscera damage,it is not recommended as CCCHP conventional treatment temperature;43℃under the same conditions can cause serious damage to the normal physiological function of dogs,not suitable for CCCHP treatment temperatures.